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Bilety na Bang2 (standup)
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World-Wide Comedy Presents...
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World-Wide Comedy Presents...

Łódź - środa, 5 czerwca 2019 - bilety »
Denis Nikolin is a rising up-and-coming Russian comedian on international stand-up scene, co-founder and regular MC of English Moscow Comedy, with more than 5 years of performing experience. Taken his act to 16 countries, Denis has developed his own style mixing his acting skills with deadpan deliveries, edgy and precise observations with his natural charm and wit, ability to laugh at himself and the world around him with a very constructive narrative of his sets, - which guarantees a very entertaining evening.<br>Being a charismatic yet repressed young man, this Russian comedian has already performed in the top comedy clubs of Europe a... czytaj więcej »
Lokalizacja: KIJ
ul. Jaracza 45, Łódź
woj. Łódzkie

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